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Which steps should I follow to apply to the Program?2020-04-15T01:22:46+08:00

The application to the Contemporary China Studies Program is divided into two parts:

  1. Program Application
  2. University Application

You can get started by registering your application account on our application platform. Then follow the application checklist which outlines both the application process as well as the required application materials.

Why are there two application steps? In what do they differ?2020-04-15T01:25:12+08:00

STEP 1, the Program Application, is directly managed by the Contemporary China Studies Team and aims at evaluating your academic potential.

STEP 2, the University Application, is managed by the International Students Office and deals with more bureaucratic issues that are required to obtain a student visa from the People’s Republic of China.

The application is divided into two parts to make the process quicker and easier for students. Students can get an answer about their admission to the program within two weeks from the interview, and deal with administrative issues in a second moment and up until the final deadline for application (which is usually in late-May/early-June).

When will I receive the results of my Program Application (step 1)?2020-04-15T02:06:00+08:00

The program admission committee will usually communicate the application results (and provide a pre-acceptance letter) around two weeks after your interview.

During the program application process, you can always check your application’s current status directly in your profile (under the ‘Your Updates’ tab).

When will I receive the results of my University Application (step 2)?2020-04-15T01:34:52+08:00

The university application is managed by the International Students Office, once you submit your documents and pay the admission fee, it can take them up to a month to review your application. If you have further inquiries, please contact them directly.

When will I receive the official Admission Letter?2020-04-15T01:36:03+08:00

Your official admission letter will be sent to you together with your admission package once you have completed both the Program and the University Applications. Admission packages are usually sent in late-June/beginning of July. Applicants already in Beijing may also collect the admission package including the admission letter in person.

What are the important CCSP Application Dates?2018-10-30T16:57:08+08:00

The application system opens in early November, and the application deadline is May 20th.

Are there specific Requirements for the Recommendation Letters?2017-10-29T20:40:14+08:00

Your recommendation letters must be issued on university letterhead and include the referee’s full name, title, signature and contact information including email address. Please upload scanned copies of your recommendation letters directly in your application account.

What Type of Transcript should I submit?2018-03-15T23:03:39+08:00

You will need to present your transcript and diploma in two different formats: You are required to submit a scanned copy of an officially issued transcript (with the stamp of the university) as part of your online application. Once you are admitted, you are also required to present your original transcript and diploma during your registration at Renmin University.

Documents are accepted in English (or Chinese). Screenshots or automatically generated transcripts from websites that allow students to check their own grades and credits are NOT accepted.

Which Scholarships are available?2017-10-29T20:51:58+08:00

There are two primary types of scholarship available:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) and
  • Program Tuition Scholarship (PTS).

For more details please take a look at our scholarship overview.

Beyond these two primary types of scholarships, you may also be able to apply for financial support in your home country. Please inquire with the according authorities in your home country, or your previous universities for more details.

How do I apply for Chinese Government Scholarship?2020-04-15T02:12:28+08:00

There are two ways to apply for CGS: you can apply in your home country, or you can apply directly through Renmin University.

We strongly recommend you apply for this scholarship through the Chinese authorities in your home country, as this channel is the most promising, with the best chances for you to win a scholarship award, and does not require you to pay an application fee.

If you apply for the CGS through Renmin University, the success rate is comparably low, as this channel almost always favors applicants to degree programs taught in the Chinese language. Besides, if you apply for the  Chinese Government Scholarship through Renmin University, you will also have to pay the application fee.

Should you want to apply for the CGS, please submit your according application directly to the China Scholarship Council branch responsible for your home country (this is usually the Chinese embassy/consulate).

How can I apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship through authorities in my home country?2020-04-16T23:30:11+08:00

There are different CGS programs.

  • Bilateral Programs, for which you should apply through the relevant authority in your home country. This is usually the Chinese embassy/consulate. Deadlines and application procedures vary among countries.
  • EU Program, for which you should apply to the Office for Education and Culture, Mission of the P. R. China to the European Union. This program is only open to EU candidates.
  • AUN Program, for which you should apply to the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Secretariat. This program is only open to candidates from ASEAN member countries.
  • PIF Program, for which you should apply to the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat. This program is only open to candidates who are a citizen of a Forum Island Country and a resident in a Forum Island Country for five years before application, excluding years of study overseas.
  • MOFCOM Program, for which you should apply through the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office (ECCO) of the Chinese Embassy in your country.

To apply for these scholarships, you should get directly in touch with the above authorities. A comprehensive overview complete with contact information can be found here.

N.B. Our team is not involved in the scholarship application process. But we can provide you with a pre-admission letter that could increase your chances of being admitted with a scholarship to Renmin University.

If you wish to obtain a preadmission letter, please register your application account here and follow the instructions.

How can I obtain a pre-admission letter for the Chinese Government Scholarship application in my home country?2020-04-15T02:16:05+08:00

To receive a pre-admission letter, you need to register an account on our application platform, submit your program application, pass the initial screening, and successfully complete your interview. Once you are admitted, your pre-acceptance letter will be emailed to you.

Please read carefully:

  • In case you require a pre-acceptance letter for your scholarship application, please submit your application to our program at least two weeks before your scholarship application deadline, and pay special attention to your application’s completeness, to avoid any delays.
  • You may attach this pre-admission letter to your CGS application in your home country.
  • If you will not be chosen for a CGS by your selected agency, this letter will not grant you admission to the Renmin University of China, unless you complete the second step of the application and pay the application fee through the International Students Office application platform.
What is the Program Tuition Scholarship? Does it cover full Tuition?2017-10-29T20:52:11+08:00

The Program Tuition Scholarships are offered by various funding bodies to support our students.  These tuition scholarships may cover

  • full tuition,
  • half tuition, or they may come in the form of a
  • tuition refund upon successful completion of each semester.

These scholarships are offered and awarded by various funding bodies. Award criteria and quotas change frequently, and the admission committee is NOT involved in scholarship award decisions.

Does the Program Tuition Scholarship cover Accommodation on Campus?2017-10-29T20:52:38+08:00

No, the Program Tuition Scholarship covers only the tuition or part of the tuition.

How do I apply for a Program Tuition Scholarship?2017-10-29T20:55:51+08:00

To apply, please fill out the scholarship application form and complete the scholarship statement. You can find both, the application form and instructions for the scholarship statement in your application account.

What is the Deadline to apply for a Scholarship?2020-04-15T02:13:08+08:00

The application deadlines for Chinese Government Scholarship are different across countries, so check ahead of time with the relevant authority in your country.

The application deadline for the Program Tuition Scholarship is May 20th.

Is there an Application Fee?2020-04-15T02:08:00+08:00

Yes, there is an application fee of 800 RMB. Payment instructions are provided in your application profile, and proof of your payment is required for successful admission to Renmin University.

When should I pay the application fee?2020-04-15T01:52:17+08:00

The payment of the application fee is the last step of your application.

Should I pay the application fee if I am applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship?2020-04-15T01:51:37+08:00

It depends on which CGS agency you choose:

  • CGS applicants who apply through the Chinese embassy in their country (or any other relevant authority in their home country) do not need to pay the application fee.
  • CGS applicants who apply directly through Renmin University have to pay the application fee.
Where can I download the Foreigner Physical Examination Form?2018-11-05T14:35:56+08:00

You can download it here.

Who should fill out the ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigners’?2018-10-30T17:07:37+08:00

The medical form can be filled out by your general physician or by a physician of a hospital in your home country (in both cases the medical doctor’s signature and stamp should be on the paper).

What should I do if cannot provide the results of some of the tests required in the ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigners’?2018-10-30T17:09:56+08:00

In that case, please ask your physician to write N/A instead but keep in mind that the International Students Office might not be able to provide you with the necessary documents to apply for a visa or you might be asked to take the medical examination again once you come to China in order to apply for a residence permit.

What should I do if there are no available rooms on campus?2020-04-15T01:04:52+08:00

You have two options:

  1.  You can live off-campus on your own
  2.  You can join a Culture Homestay program and live with a Chinese family

N.B. If you want to live on campus, but could not reserve a room ahead of your arrival, you can ask the housing office to put you on the waiting list of your dorm of choice. They will call you as soon as a room is available. In order to be added to the waiting list, you must be enrolled as a student. You can go to the housing office as soon as you register at Renmin University.

What is the Culture Homestay Program?2018-10-30T16:52:34+08:00

It is an exchange program designed by our partner institution China Educators for those who are studying or going to study at a Chinese university.

Selected students will live with a Chinese family and will be offered free single-room accommodation and meals in exchange for language tutoring (mainly English) to family members.

For more details on the requirements and application process, please check here http://www.culturehomestay.chinaeducators.com/

What Degree is awarded for Completion of the Contemporary China Studies Program?2017-10-30T19:00:38+08:00

You will receive a Master’s Degree awarded by Renmin University, and accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. You will be issued both, Chinese and English versions of your degree certificates.

Are there any Student-run Associations and Clubs?2017-10-30T18:56:58+08:00

Yes, there are over 100 student associations and clubs on campus. A recruitment day is organized every September for new members who would like to join.

How many Students are there in each Class?2018-10-30T16:54:39+08:00

Class sizes vary depending on the course. All courses are organized in a way that each student has plenty of opportunity to actively contribute,  ask questions, and join class discussions and activities.

Will I have Courses together with Students from other Programs?2020-04-15T01:16:58+08:00

All our core courses primarily enroll CCSP students. Some – especially elective – courses are also open to exchange students, to students from Renmin University’s other English-taught programs, and to both foreign and local double degree students.

What is the Examination Format?2017-10-30T19:25:28+08:00

Examination formats vary depending on the course and instructor. Most courses are graded based on your contribution to group work and presentations, written research papers and/or final exams. Attendance and overall class participation also contribute to your final course grade.

How many Courses will I take at one Time?2017-10-30T19:28:39+08:00

The number of courses you attend depends on the number of credits you aim to earn in each semester. You are required to complete a minimum of 32 credits within three semesters if you want to graduate in two years. Each credit requires 18 hours of class time. Take a look at our course overview (which also lists the credit value of each course) to get a better idea of what your class hour load could look like.

What is the Schedule for Courses and other Activities?2017-10-30T19:33:15+08:00

Courses and other program activities usually take place throughout the day from Monday to Friday.

How are the Dormitories on Campus?2017-10-29T21:10:09+08:00

There are 4 dorms in total: Double rooms are located in buildings 1 and 2. Single rooms are available in building 3 and in the International Cultural Exchange Center. Price and service vary in each dorm.

Visit the Int’l Student Office website for pictures of the dormitories.

How do I apply for Accommodation on Campus?2017-10-30T19:14:33+08:00

We will provide you with a Room Reservation Form as part of your admission documents. Once received, simply follow the instructions and information on the form.

 Visit the Int’l Student Office website for more information about accommodation on campus.

How do I apply for Visa?2017-10-29T21:32:18+08:00

Our program office will send you the necessary documents as part of your admission package. Then you will have to apply directly to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country.

Visit the International Students Office website for more information about the required documents.

I am already in China. How do I extend my Visa?2020-04-15T01:42:38+08:00

Please go to the International Students Office of Renmin University to get the necessary documents to extend your visa.

Is there an Attendance Policy or are Grades only based on Test / Assignment Scores?2017-10-30T19:34:52+08:00

Just like class participation, assignments, and other grade components, attendance counts towards your final course grade. Some professors also set a specific maximum of acceptable absences to pass their course.

I want to live Off-Campus, will the Program assist me in finding an Apartment?2017-10-30T19:12:54+08:00

If you decide to live off-campus you will have to find housing on your own. The program office can suggest reliable real estate agencies and websites to get you started.

How can I prepare for the Interview and what should I expect?2017-10-29T20:39:21+08:00

During the interview you will be asked to quickly introduce yourself and your previous academic/professional background. Be ready to answer specific questions about your written application. The second part of the interview will focus on current events, rends, and developments related to China. Interviews last approximately 15 minutes.

For distance interviews via video call, we encourage you to register an account on WeChat, and install WeChat’s desktop version on your computer, as it offers more stable and reliable video and voice chat quality than Skype. Please also enter your WeChat ID in your application profile.

Are Courses evaluated with Grades or on a pass/fail Basis?2017-10-30T18:53:10+08:00

All classes are graded based on the Ranmin University grading standard. Your course grades (on both: a 100 scale as well as a letter scale) are shown in your transcript.

Can I apply if I already hold a Master’s Degree?2017-10-29T20:40:30+08:00

Yes, we also welcome applications from candidates who have already pursued advanced degrees in any major, provided they meet all the other eligibility requirements for the program.

Can a student who is currently studying in China apply for CGS?2017-10-29T20:56:43+08:00

Yes. However, CGS is preferably given to those who got the last degree abroad. There is a very limited quota for those who are currently studying in China.

Are there Exercise Facilities on Campus open to Students?2017-10-30T18:58:25+08:00

Yes, there are many sports facilities on campus including an outdoor track and field stadium, a gym, a swimming pool, a football field and volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis and badminton courts.

Does Renmin University or the Program offer Internship / Career Service?2017-10-30T19:03:03+08:00

Renmin University does not maintain a career office, but during the academic year, the University hosts career fairs where students can find internship positions and get to know potential future employers.

I completed the Program Application, received a pre-acceptance letter and applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship in my country. I didn’t win a scholarship, but I would still like to join the program as a self-funding student or through the funding options offered by Renmin University. What should I do?2020-04-15T01:39:59+08:00

You should complete the second step of your application, the University Application, here before the deadline: May 20th.


Is there an age limit to apply?2020-05-09T00:47:17+08:00

Yes, at the time of enrolment you must be between the ages of 18 and 45.

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