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Which funding opportunities are available?2021-05-20T16:04:33+08:00

You can apply for the following funding opportunities:

  • CSC (Chinese Government Scholarship) Type A. In this case, the application should be done directly through the authorities in your home country.
  • CSC (Chinese Government Scholarship) Type B. This application is done directly through Renmin University. Please keep in mind that only a small quota is reserved for our program, as this scholarships is usually allocated to students of Chinese-taught programs.
  • Tuition Scholarships offered by Renmin University. These tuition scholarships may cover full or partial tuition, or they may come in the form of a tuition refund upon successful registration. These tuition scholarships are funded from a variety of budgets and are subject to various application criteria, depending on the funding body of each budget. Quotas for these scholarships change every year.
What is the ISO and why do I need to submit my documents on their website?2020-12-09T22:15:26+08:00

The ISO is the International Students Office of Renmin University. They manage the first step of the application for all international students who are either self-funding or are applying for funding directly through the university.

Which Scholarships are available?2017-10-29T20:51:58+08:00

There are two primary types of scholarship available:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) and
  • Program Tuition Scholarship (PTS).

For more details please take a look at our scholarship overview.

Beyond these two primary types of scholarships, you may also be able to apply for financial support in your home country. Please inquire with the according authorities in your home country, or your previous universities for more details.

How do I apply for a Tuition Scholarship?2020-12-09T05:26:15+08:00

When you register your profile on the