What you need to prepare & submit your Application


Your Funding Path

The application process and the required documents, as well as your pathway through different application systems and approvals, differ based on the way you wish to be funded. Also, candidates who apply for admission under Chinese Government (CSC) Scholarship Type A are exempt from paying the otherwise mandatory and non-refundable application fee. So, please make your choice about your intended funding model before you get started:

CSC Scholarship Type A

You are applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country, and you only need a pre-acceptance letter from Renmin University to support your CSC application.

Other Funding Tracks

This includes Self-Supporting students, CSC Scholarship Type B (if you want to apply for the CSC Scholarship directly through Renmin U), Tuition Scholarships provided by Renmin U, and those undecided about their funding.